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How to Prepare for your Bridesmaid Appointment

You’ve said YES to the dress + it’s time to shop for your bridal squad!

Here’s 5 tips for BRIDESMAID SHOPPING!

Not sure where to start?

It's important to have a vision for your bridesmaids. Start a Pinterest board! Pin everything and anything that you LOVE. This will help your consultant have an idea of what vibes you’re going with. The more we know about your vibe, the easier we can pull gowns, colors and fabrics that you and your girls will fall in love with. If you’re eager to see styles we carry, our website and Pinterest lists all of our current designers and styles we currently have! When you come to La Bella Moda, do not be shy! Use your consultant, ask questions about styles, colors and fabrics.

When deciding what works best for your girls, here’s what to keep in mind!

1. Size + Size Inclusiveness

Whatever size your girls may range in, you want them to feel comfortable. Browse at all options to know there is something for everyone. Some designers unfortunately are not size inclusive, it’s important to always check prior to committing on a designer! Some designers may even have a size inclusive line that offers a range of unique styles. We carry in store around 10 styles in plus sizes. On of our designers, Jasmine has actually sent us the same basic dress in all of their sizes so once your girls say YES to the dress they can try on different sizes to see what fits them best! We you are ready to order, we will take your measurements to find the perfect size for you! Range in a size you don't normally wear? Bridal runs small, it is normal if you end up ordering up a size or two compared to your normal size! Be sure to chat with your consultant about any concerns you may have! They are there for YOU!

2. Color

There are soooooo many options when it comes to color but not always from a specific designer. Picking the color first will help narrow your choices down to a designer and fabric. If you're unsure of a color, talk with your consultant on the vibes you're going for and the season you're getting married in. Many brides will even incorporate multiple colors within their palette, like the image below!

3. Fabric

Different fabrics make colors appear slightly different. If you want your girls to have a uniform color, pick 1 fabric for your entire party. The most popular choice is chiffon but there are other options like crepe, satin, lace and jersey!

4. Styles

The options are endless when it comes to styles for your girls! In some bridal parties, all the bridesmaids wear 1 style, all different, or in some cases it’s split in half with 2 different styles. Depending on the styles you want for your girls or if you want the same styles will factor into making your decision. If you know you want a certain fabric and all your girls in different styles, tell your consultant! They will be able to guide you to the best designer.

5. Price

Before shopping, it’s important to have an idea of what price range your girls feel comfortable with! Bridesmaids dresses can start at $150 and go up to $375. After we know the budget, we can show options that both meet your vibe and their price range! Did you get your bridal gown at our shop? Ask about your La Bella Moda Bridesmaid Discount!!!

There ya have it! Ready to book your bridesmaid appointment? Contact us today! We cannot WAIT to hear from you! Still have a quesiton? Don't fret! Send us an email! We are and will always be here for you!

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