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A Guide to Bridal Ordering Timelines

Congratulations on your engagement! It’s time to officially let the shopping begin! This can bring both joy + anxiety to a bride! At La Bella Moda, we love to ease those anxieties and make bridal shopping a fun + lighthearted experience. Did you know brides need to start looking for their gown about ten to twelve months before their wedding day? Most brides wait too long before they start their shopping! It is important to know the timeline of ordering things for you and your bridal party to ease some stress and help avoid rush fees. Don’t know when to start looking for your bridal gown? Check out these tips for when to order things in time for less stress for your wedding!

Bridal Gown

8 to 10 months +

“When is the latest I can order my wedding gown?” . . . a common question we all get here at La Bella Moda! For some reason, brides tend to wait until the last minute to purchase their gowns hoping they can try on as many beauties as possible. If you find your gown and you have your moment, that is the one! You do not need to continue your bridal shopping even if your wedding is more than a year away!

We like to suggest purchasing your dress about 8-10 months out a least because a wedding gown can take about 6-7 months to come in! Depending on the designer, it can take less time or even more time. We start your alterations about 8 weeks prior to your wedding.

Bridesmaid Dress

5 to 6 months +

A bridesmaid gown can take about four to five months to come in. Most brides bring in their maids for a fun shopping day way before then! It is always good just to get it checked off the list. Then go celebrate with some dinner or brunch after your bridal squad appointment. Bridesmaids can get their dress altered in a couple of weeks.

Mother’s Gown

4 months +

If the select gown is in stock of both the size and color that your mom wants, the gown can take less than a few weeks to arrive. If not, it can take almost as long as a bridesmaid dress.

Alterations: Like bridesmaid dresses, we start them about a month before the event. If there are many changes to be made, added sleeves or another custom addition, then we may suggest beginning alterations about six weeks prior to the wedding!

Bridal Accessories

2 months +

Whether you want to order a veil or a beautiful headpiece it can take some time. Of course, it is always best to find your accessories during your bridal appointment so you can coordinate your accessories. But you can of course come in during a 30 min accessories appointment!

Save this in case you need a reminder! Still have a question about ordering a gown? Feel free to contact us! We would be happy to help answer any questions you may have! We cannot wait to hear from you!

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