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Frequently Asked  Questions

Congratulations!  You are engaged and we are SO excited you have chosen La Bella Moda as a place to shop for your dream bridal gown! With over 43 years of dressing brides, we know shopping for your bridal gown can be fun but stressful!  Here's a few questions we found our brides asking!  Still have another question, give us a call or email us!  We cannot wait to hear from you!

Do I need an appointment? 

Yes!!! No matter if you are looking for a bridal gown, mother's gown, or wanting to stop by to look at evening gowns, you need an appointment! We want to make sure we have a stylist to help you, and a dressing room open! We also want to make sure to keep everyone safe due to COVID-19! If you are coming by to pick up your gown, please call ahead so we can pull your dress from storage and have it all bagged and ready for you! Please contact us to schedule an appointment. Thank you so much in advance!

What does "Ready to Wear" mean?

"Ready to Wear" means that gown is available for purchase right off the rack! Gowns apart of our "Ready to Wear" collection not consignment, they have not been "worn", they are simply sample gowns not able to be ordered due to the designer.  This collection is discounted, making it a perfect rack to shop if you are a bride on a budget!  "Ready to Wear" gowns are perfect for brides with a limited timeline or budget. 

How many guests can I bring to my appointment?

For bridal appointments, we limit it to 2-3 guests per bride. On a weekday, we can be a little bit more accommodating because we are less busy. We do offer appointment upgrade packages where brides can have more guests! Check out our "BRIDE" tab for more info on those! We have also had many brides set up Zoom Parties for their bridal appointments to include more loved ones during their bridal appointment! Contact us for more details and questions!

What are your payment options and return policies?

All gowns are FINAL SALE! We unfortunately do not accept returns or exchanges.

We appreciate your understanding!

We accept payment in the form of cash, check, card or Venmo! We highly appreciate payments in cash or check; however, we can accept card payments, but a 3% credit card fee will be added on to the total!

Ready to Wear Bridal gowns must be paid for in full to claim your gown as "sold"! 

What are your price ranges?

Our gowns range from $1000-$3500! We have gowns for brides with any budget!

Our Ready to Wear gowns range from $1000-$2000! Our orderable gowns start at $2000!

Remember to be open and honest about your bridal budget to your stylist!  We are there to help you find your dream dress no matter your budget!

How long is my appintment?

Bridal Appointment: 60-75 minutes

Alteration Fittings: 30 minutes

*Our shop is busy celebrating "yes's" during the weekend. If you would like a more intimate appointment, we suggest during the week!  Contact us for more information!

What designers does
La Bella Moda carry? 

The designers in our collection are Eddy K, Calla Blanche, L'Amour, Paloma Blanca, and Mikaella Bridal. Our sample rack has a blend of our designers plus some other options as well!  Check out our "Bride" tab for more details on the specific styles we have in store as well as the size we have the gown in!


What sizes are your bridal gowns?

Our bridal gowns start at size 8 and go up to size 26. We have a large selection of gowns in a range of sizes and styles! Worried about the dress being too small or too big? Your bridal stylist will clip you and help you visualize the "final product" of an altered gown! Our seamstresses make the magic happen to get your gown fitted to your needs!

Do you carry plus sizes?

We do! We are an inclusive bridal boutique, and we are proud to have a lovely selection in our Curvy Collection! We carry plus sizes in bridal and evening gowns! Contact us if you have any questions!

When should I shop for my dress?

Our gowns are available for purchase right off the rack as well as orderable options, so there is no need to worry or stress about ordering time frames! We do recommend searching for your gown earlier on in your engagement journey, that way the rest of planning is a breeze! There are no holds on gowns out of respect of all appointments! 

Are alterations separate?
When do I start?

Alterations are a separate cost, since you will be paying the seamstress directly! You have the option to use ours or take the gown with you and get it altered elsewhere! Alterations are not a flat rate; they are determined by what is needed! Average bridal alterations costs can range from $500-$800! The cost also includes steaming and pressing your gown and veil too!   Other gown upgrades such as customizations, additional fabric, adding buttons, etc. are part of alterations, and not included in the initial gown price!

We do offer cleaning and preservation packages through the shop at an additional cost as well!

We will begin your fittings 2 months in advance of your wedding date! Please give us a call or email to get scheduled for them a few months in advance! 

**We only offer alterations for bridal gowns purchased at our boutique.  We will be happy to give you recommendations for mother's and evening gowns**

Do you offer cleaning + preservation services?

Yes we do! We offer cleaning packages for any of our sample gowns at an additional cost! We pride ourselves in keeping our gowns in pristine condition, however occasional things happen when being tried on, we are only human! 

We also offer cleaning and preservation packages for after your special day! All you have to do is drop your gown off to our store and we will take care of the rest! In abut 8-10 weeks, it will be shipped directly to you in a lovely box! Contact us for pricing!

Can I shop for accessories even if I get my gown somewhere else?

Of course! We carry a beautiful collection of veils, belts, earrings and sparkly beauties for your hair to add the finishing touch for your special day! Contact us to schedule an accessory appointment!

Do I have to pay an appointment fee?

Our appointments are complimentary! However, we do require a credit card at the time of booking in the case of a no show or a less than 24/hour cancellation fee of $50. You will only be charged under these circumstances!

We do this out of respect for our stylists as well as other brides!

Thank you for understanding and respecting our policy!

We also offer appointment upgrades, more details and pricing can be found under our "BRIDE" tab!

Have an additional question?

We are here to help you from the time you say. "YES" to when you say, "I do"!  Feel free to contact us with any further questions and check out our 'Friendors' to see some awesome wedding vendors we love to work with!

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